Our valued customers, we would like to inform you that you cannot return or exchange purchases upon receiving of the merchandise unless there are any of the reasons mentioned in this agreement. Accordingly, the goods purchased from our store can be exchanged or returned, but there are conditions and a limited period for us. Furthermore, it must be proven that these purchases are in a bad condition, damaged, stained, or not in conformity with the specifications in terms of the color or model chosen through our website. The customer must contact customer service within 24 hours of reviewing the merchandise through social media. No customer is entitled to apply for exchange, return, or refund of the amount paid after exceeding this limited period. After displaying the problem and receiving customer services’ approval you can choose to replace the purchases in the same model chosen before, choosing another model, or offering the buyer store credit with the amount paid from our store. If the customer’s request is not available or if the customer refuses to replace the merchandise with other merchandise we require that the customer returns the merchandise within 48 to 72 hours upon receiving in order to get a refund of the full amount paid. The customer is fully responsible financially for shipping the merchandise back. If this period is surpassed, the customer is not entitled to a financial claim due to the expiration of the limited period



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